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Mavifinds Bot Documentation

Bot Overview

The Mavifinds Bot is a monitoring bot created to ensure website availability and trigger necessary actions in case of downtime. This documentation outlines the bot’s purpose, functionality, and IP addresses for verification with Cloudflare.

Bot Details

  • Bot Name: Mavifinds Bot
  • IP Addresses:
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6: 2602:ff16:12:0:1:69:0:1


The primary function of the Mavifinds Bot is to monitor website availability. In the event of website downtime, the bot activates Cloudflare’s “Under Attack” mode to enhance website security and resilience against potential threats.


  • The bot periodically checks the website’s status by sending HTTP requests.
  • If the website is responsive (status code 200), no action is taken.
  • In case of website unavailability, the bot triggers Cloudflare’s “Under Attack” mode to provide additional protection against malicious activities.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or assistance related to the Mavifinds Bot, please contact [email protected]

IP Addresses

The Mavifinds Bot operates from the following IP addresses:

  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2602:ff16:12:0:1:69:0:1

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